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Zombie Emergency Guide Essay

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Zombie Emergency Guide (Additions as of August 6th)

---Places to Go


Its designed to keep people in and out. Two perimeter fences, guard towers, diesel generator, two months worth of diesel, lots and lots of food, gardens in side and outside the fence, livestock, secure buildings, electronic and key entry for all doors, small armory, a maintenance shop, infirmary, communication equipment.

Though it's obvious that there are inmates inside the prison, in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse, we can only hope that they will put aside their differences and shanks in the face of a common enemy.

Also, in case of the Zombies entering

The concept of a fort or other defensive structure also stems from survival. Easiest way to survive any apocalypse is to be away from it. Walking around doing your "most epic camping trip ever" leaves you open to attack and potential death, and most people wish to avoid a nasty death of becoming zomibe chow.

Most defensive structures are a bad idea though, unless you happen to find a fully stocked military base with a nuke reactor for power and an underground aquifer. Beyond that it will wind up as a deathtrap. Not enough clean water, not enough food are two of the main killers, not to mention poor waste disposal will kill you just as well as bullet to the face. You can have walls that will keep out zombies for a thousand years and still die.

A defensive structure is a good idea once you get with enough people to properly defend and supply it and are ready to begin rebuilding and repopulating(hint hint wink wink). You and your people will need a solid location to start out from.

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