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Zoonotic Diseases Essay

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Cultural influence is evident throughout the world including the wet-markets in China. The article infectious diseases emerging from Chinese wet-markets: zoonotic origins of severe respiratory viral infections explains the influence of chinese culture and the relation to the development of zoonotic diseases.   Freshly prepared food is prized, exotic foods are seen to have health benefits and the hygienic standards   are not upheld as much throughout the wet markets due to the cultural ideals of China. However an intermediate was found in order to control the spread of diseases and maintain the wet- markets of the Chinese culture. The multiple factors that caused the spread of zoonotic diseases included the natural reservoir, amplification host and the epicenter which all resided within the wet markets. Influenza A and SARS both have the wet markets as the epicenter, while the natural reservoirs differ. Influenza A is transferred through wild water birds and domestic poultry while civets and wild bats are the natural reservoir and amplification hosts for the disease. Due to multiple factors coming together in both zoonotic diseases there is a much greater pandemic potential. Due to the potential of an outbreak officials have investigated both diseases extensively finding that both diseases have high mutation and replication power. Due to the findings limitation and rules have been set into place in order to stop zoonotic transmission.  
Freshly cut meat is highly prized throughout China however this caused close contact between animals and humans which in turn caused mutations in zoonotic diseases. China’s culture includes ideas of how food is most delicious when it’s prepared at it’s freshest and due to this custom there is a greater susceptibility to diseases.   Meat being prepared fresh causes concerns of fecal- oral transmission of microbes; these concerns have been validated due transmissions of zoonotic microbes to humans being detected in the population....

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