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Thomas Nguyen
Mr. Brennan

Should animals be kept in zoos?
Millions of people from children to adults alike visit zoos every year. Chances are you have also been taken to a zoo when you were young. Though for me, growing up brought me to more of a realization of how the word works and how it’s not that jolly wonderful land that all toddlers imagine. Imagining zoos now, I no longer see a happy environment with monkeys swinging on tree branches and tiger cubs playing with their siblings. I feel zoos are in it for the money instead of the animals. Then again, many zoos claim to help endangered or inured wild animals.
After hours and hours of thinking of a topic that was worth writing about, I decided to browse the internet for helpful insight. I saw a couple topics that were quite interesting here and there but was immediately glued to the topic of “Should animals be kept inside zoos”.   I decided to choose it for a number of reasons. The first reason I chose it was how U.S. zoos were compared as in regulations on the animal’s safety and the preservation of animals to zoos with different regulations and laws that are in other countries. The second reason was how zoos could use animals for personal gain. The last reason I chose this topic was if zoos could exist in a hundred years from now and how it would affect us if it did not. I was also intrigued about the effects we have on the animals whether if we should even help them or let them die in nature.
Zoos have existed in one form or another since ancient Egypt to the time of the Roman Empire where animal collections called menageries were kept for arena battles. These menageries were kept for the enjoyment of their owner and often sold or killed for their entertainment. The first modern era zoo that contained exotic animals from around the world for the public to see was in Austria called the Vienna Zoo in 1765. The first zoo in the United States was the Central Park Zoo in New York City during the...

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